If you are not being seen, don't you want to be conspicuous?

Safety Lights offers a unique twofold (double) concept to prevent accidents. Our electronic products make you better visible, more conspicuous, make your distance and speed better to be estimated and is less annoying for the approaching vehicle. In case you are not seen in spite all off this, our products make you draw attention when necessary so an accident can be prevented after all! Do you not believe this? Try the test instincts, so you yourself experience the power off "two eyes" and movement when observing.

Meaning of the Dutch demo-board:

Click on the lamps to activate.

Extra opvallen bij remmen = Extra conspicuity when braking. Saves you the last minute.

Alle patroon uitzetten = All signals off. (running-lights)

Begeleidingslichten = Accompagniment light. (most conspicuous)

Racepatroon = Race-signal. (least energy consuming)

Alertsignaal = Alert-signal.

Filesignaal = Traffic-jam-signal (also when fog).

Alarmlichten = Hazard.

SOS-signaal = SOS-signal.

Do You want Running-Lights, adjustable? 

The existing 21 Watt lamps burn dimmed, adjustable from aprox 3 to 9 Watt. You can also turn them off. 

Do you want improved hazard Lights? (see demo board)

For operation, or on which place they are clik Activation.

Do you want economical parking lights, with battery watch

With battery watch the lamps go off at aprox 12V, so the battery is saved and you can still start your engine.

Do you want your hazard lights to stay on when you remove the key? 

Hazard lights only go off at aprox 12V, so the battery is saved and you can still start your engine. Ideal if you stop somewhere or fill your petrol tank. We advice during daytime the economical race-signal on 4. You would not be the first who's bike would be hit, with or without driver. You only have to turn this on, because when you part and give direction the pattern turns off automatically.  

Do you want to draw attention when braking? (adjustable time)

You can adjust the time of flashing when you brake from 0 (not flashing) to 5 sec or as long as you hold the brake. We urgently advise to try out this feature for at least some weeks, even if it is only for 0,5 seconds. You then know if this is useful or perhaps necessary.

Do you want to be conspicuous when you are not being seen? 

If you flash in front and rear when braking, the others will notice you sooner and therefore will brake earlier and try to avoid you earlier. Only a fraction of a second is enough to make the other avoid you so you will not be hit.

The latest modules from 69,- Link modules direction indicators

Old modules from  49,-.

Do you not want to forget to turn off your direction indicators? 

This is a feature of the RA types. Than the direction goes automatically off, after a adjustable period. Without Running-Lights from 49,95  With Running-Lights and improved hazard from 79,- Link modules direction indicators.

Dou you want to compare our products in a overview? click here and view tab motor the SL products


Already translated product descriptions:

Safety Lights basic: electronics that adds improved and more conspicuous hazard, running Lights and an extra conspicuous signal, when you are not being seen and brake, to your direction lamps (indicators). Why Safety Lights work that well!  Tips (experiences) for driving in a  traffic jam.

Safety Duplo Headlights: electronics that make your headlight illuminate further away, that is less blinding and is more conspicuous. Safety on safety! With automatic signaling and pulsing function. With extra conspicuity when braking. Everything adjustable to your own preferences.

Safety Headlights: electronics that illuminates further away, that is less blinding and is more conspicuous. Double safety! 


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Like this!     Instead of this! 


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  Dipped (adjustable) burning, many patterns, pace-car, wig-wag etc.


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