Natural survival instincts which Safety Lights uses.

We have just discoverd a way to demonstrate how Safety Lights works on human intincts to survive. All you need is a little mirror and a nice face to look at.

Stand next to a "quiet" wall, for example wall to your right, and hold the mirror with your left hand between your eyes an aprox 45°before your right eye. Now look at another person who is standing several meters away (with your left eye). Then slowly move your right hand from behind your head forwards.

What do you see?? Try again if you do not believe this but it is real.

Please try this out before you read any further.

You will see that your brain will always shows you the eyes (or face) but that there is also immediat attention for the movement in the corner of your eyes. According scientist is this because of survival instincts of humans. Our primitive brain is always alert for patterns that look like the eyes of a predator. What you see is the eyes or the face, surrounded by the wall on which there was movement. 

The clear illumination of the safety runninglights looks like eyes of a predator and therefore answers the first instinct. If we are not to be seen, this can easily happen in the corners of the eyes, we will brake and then the special flash pattern off the Safety Lights answers to the second instinct.

This applies not only in front but also in the back.

Ofcourse we have considered to be even more conspicuous when we are not seen and have to brake but until now it has been sufficient.

Note we also have a Safety Flashlight which makes your headlights flash and can be operated with the brake or seperately.

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