Multiple safety!

  1. With the Safety Running-lights you are much more conspicuous, even more than American bikes because American 5 Watt is not bright enough during daytime. When you turn on your direction lights (indicator) the lamps really go off so you have our own optimal direction signal. 

  2. Because Safety Lights makes the 21 Watt burn dipped these lamps do not wear out. The risk of misinterpretation because of a defect bulb is very rare contrary to the American system with duplo bulbs. 

  3. U not only are much more conspicuous because of the contrasting color but also because of the bigger width of your bike when your indicators burn dipped. You will also be recognized earlier because everybody knows the indicators. 

  4. Most important, your distance and speed will be estimated much more accurate.

  5. If you, in spite of these extraordinary running-lights, still might not be seen, you will brake. When you brake an even more conspicuous signal starts working which will make you be seen after all!

  6. By putting a Headlights to your high beam and not drive with low beam (driving beam), you reduce the spot that the oncoming traffic is seeing. This spot hides you and your bike partly are totally. The spot of the low beam is too bright and unjust to be estimated correctly by the oncoming traffic.

  7. Dipped high beam illuminates on the spot where you are looking, in the distance. Because you see more with this feature this increases your safety too.

  8. When you also dip your low beam (driving beam) your eyes will adapt (like nocturnal animals) and you see even more in the distance.


Safety Lights