Driving in a traffic jam

When you approach a traffic jam you do not have to do anything because this system does it automatically for you. Otherwise you might turn on your hazard but Safety Lights does something similar automatically when you brake. 

We advise not to use hazard lights, no flashing but only the Safety running-lights. In practice several motorcyclists (bikers) who often meet a traffic jam noticed that Safety running-lights work better than the on-off hazard. With the short glance in the mirror the car driver might look in the off time off the hazard and miss you all the same. SO do not use a signal that goes out. 

If there is much sunshine you should use the special traffic-jam signal, three short flashes and one long flash, left is synchronized with right and it does not go out. Flashing is movement and is very conspicuous. With sun on your indicators this is not exaggerated.

Users of Safety Lights say that traffic in a traffic jam makes place for them much earlier than they were used to. Car drivers are not longer startled by the passing motorcyclist, that means they saw them coming! 

Safety Lights